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Miguel Sottomayor (m.sottomayor@reading.ac.uk)
Fri, 12 Sep 97 12:02:19 0100

Hello everybody

I'm trying to apply PCP int the marketing research area. Specifically,
I'm tryng to use repertory grids for the elicitation of product
attributes and for the identification of personal constuct systems both
in the context of product choice (wine - retail market).
The original idea was just to use the rep. grid technique as way to
elicitate attributes for being used afterwards for the specification of
a multiattribute choice models. However, I would like also to attempt the
use of individual grids themself as the basis for consumer segmentation.

If have you experience in something similar or are simply interested in
this sort of things please send me comments.


P.S. I'm a phd student at the University of Reading, Department of
Agricultural Economics