John Mayes (
Sat, 13 Sep 1997 02:51:31 +1200

Introducing Dr. Valerie Stewart, John Mayes, and ENQUIRE WITHIN.

Valerie and I have been listening to the PCP group for some time and we
believe that it is now appropriate for us to introduce ourselves.

Some members of the PCP group will already know the work of Valerie
Stewart, author of `Business Applications of the Repertory Grid' and a
number of other publications on the uses of Repertory Grid in business and
management. Dr. Stewart is an industrial psychologist with an
international practice which includes innovations in the identification of
management potential, and significant contributions to the management of
change in the public and private sectors.

I began my professional life as an electronic engineer specialising in
telecommunications, and later qualified as a professional counsellor. I now
work part time as a counsellor in private practice and in an agency.

In 1992 Valerie and I began an intensive collaboration to design a computer
program which would capture - and indeed enhance - the full power of
Repertory Grid and bring it to the wide community of potential users.

Our collaboration began when I first encountered `Kelly's Theory of
Personal Constructs.' I was so taken with the potential power of Repertory
Grid were it to be put onto a computer platform that I then read `Business
Applications of the Repertory Grid' and realised the potential power of our
partnership. The result is a fully interactive, Windows-based application
of Repertory Grid which we have called ENQUIRE WITHIN.

More information about ENQUIRE WITHIN will be included in a message which I
will send shortly. It will incorporate a special offer to members of the
PCP group who may be interested in ENQUIRE WITHIN.

I thank members of the group for making it possible to see the very
interesting discussions that take place here. I hope Valerie and I will be
able to usefully contribute in future.

John Mayes
New Zealand