Enquire Within

John Mayes (christopher.mayes@actrix.gen.nz)
Wed, 17 Sep 1997 04:36:36 +1200

Hello Tony,

I regret that we have not developed Enquire Within for the Mac environment.
That was a purely commercial decision. If Enquire Within is successful we
may be able to afford resources to produce a Mac version.

Meantime I understand that there is software avilable which enables PC
based software to be run on a PowerMac. This is called VirtualPC and is
obtainable here for NZ$295 (approx UK pounds 120). If you are interested
you may be able to obtain it locally. If not I would be prepared to
purchase a copy for you here. However I could provide no guarantees as to
its effectiveness.

Best wishes
John Mayes

> From: Dr Anthony Ingold <a.ingold@bcftcs.ac.uk>
> To: pcp@mailbase.ac.uk
> Subject: Re: Introductions
> Date: Saturday, 13 September, 1997 04:13
> >Introducing Dr. Valerie Stewart, John Mayes, and ENQUIRE WITHIN.
> >
> Sounds interesting. Pity it is PC based, I look forward to the PowerMac
> version? Until then I will continue to use RepGrid.
> Tony Ingold