Business Applications of Repertory Grid

christopher.mayes (
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 20:24:09 +1200

Following our announcement of ENQUIRE WITHIN and the response from the PCP
group, this is just a quick note for those people (several, which is rather
flattering) who have asked what's happened to the book Business
Applications of the Repertory Grid and will it have a second edition?

After McGraw-Hill exhausted their warehousefull, I had a further 1000
copies printed by the Assessment Centre Study Group in South Africa, and we
gave the profits to black educational charities. At home in the UK (I'm in
New Zealand at present) I have a very few copies left which I'd be prepared
to let go to university libraries if they don't have a copy.

It's not appropriate, though, to go for a second edition, or even a
reprint. My reasons are that the book is in fact 20 years old, and once
you get past the 'teach yourself Grid interviewing' part, the chapters on
examples and uses are littered with references to 'gosh, think how much
better we could do this if we had a computer.' The reality is that John
and I have spent five years putting Repertory Grid onto a computer
platform, and all the teaching and examples which were in the original book
are now (updated) in the tutorial for ENQUIRE WITHIN. Going back and doing
a second edition of the book would, unfortunately, take my energies away
from developing ENQUIRE WITHIN.

So: many thanks to all of you who said nice things; they're much
appreciated. I hope you can understand my reasons and that you'll try
ENQUIRE WITHIN and find in there the fulfilment of the vision which we
could only dimly see in 1978 when I did Business Applications. I wish
George Kelly were around to see it too. Maybe he's constructed himself a
cloud from which he can give us a blessing.

Kind regards to all of you,

Valerie Stewart.