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On Fri, 12 Sep 1997, Dr S Tagg wrote:

> Sounds interesting, the segmentation from grids. But really needs something
> like latent scaling to do this appropriately to the style of data. Are you
> anything to do with the Food research lot headed by Hal (forgotten his
> surname)? I suspect they might be helpful.
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I'm wondering whether your "latent scaling" has anyting to do with
the generalized procrustes analysis technique, which I intend to apply to
make possible comparisons across individuals.. Can you give me any
reference where I can check the "latent scaling" concept?

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> Hello everybody
> I'm trying to apply PCP int the marketing research area. Specifically,
> I'm tryng to use repertory grids for the elicitation of product
> attributes and for the identification of personal constuct systems both
> in the context of product choice (wine - retail market).
> The original idea was just to use the rep. grid technique as way to
> elicitate attributes for being used afterwards for the specification of
> a multiattribute choice models. However, I would like also to attempt the
> use of individual grids themself as the basis for consumer segmentation.
> If have you experience in something similar or are simply interested in
> this sort of things please send me comments.
> Miguel
> P.S. I'm a phd student at the University of Reading, Department of
> Agricultural Economics

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