Re: Quality attributes using reportory grid technique!

Robin Hill (BSRAH@TWP.AC.NZ)
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 09:34:36 +1300


When I first began working with PCP I commenced research into
constructs of building users. I began this as part of a relationship
with the Architectural Directorate of what is now called Works
Consultancy - essentially a NZ governement department agency responsible
for the building and rennovation of government buildings. Part of the impetus
was an awareness that the architect's client (the building developer
or whatever) was not necessarily the principal user of the building,
or representative of the users. Eg. The Inland Revenue department
might commission a 7 storey building but occupy only 3 floors of it.
The Probation service, with their particular breed of clientele might
occupy another storey, and a group of dentists might lease another.
Lots of different types of user for one building.

Second impetus came from an awareness that architects THINK they
can "read people" but probably design for building users on the basis
of personally held stereotypes - Eg. "we are building a bank - bankers
are conservative - therefore we will use conservative design and
decor." Fallacy - I used to be a bank officer, married one and know
lots of others.

The brief I had was to identify building users key constructs and
then identify the "design relevant features" that aligned, or were
compatible with those constructs - and from within the user groups
themselves, not as assumed to be relevant by architects.

Unfortunately, my interests shifted away from the architectural thing
and towards personnel, organisational behaviour issues. Hence the
work I did propbably does not amount to anything more than pilot
study work. I believed there was an important potential for what I
had commenced, however. If you think it would be useful, I would be
happy to continue a dialogue with you, and provide a bit more detail
of the intentions I had back then (and which I think are still
viable). Probably best via my personal email address which you will
find below. I will be away from my office for the next week, and not
back to it until Monday 6 October.

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