wine and grids

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Sun, 28 Sep 1997 21:56:28 +1000

Be warned, the following post will not be as interesting as the subject title.

Regarding the comments below, there is a book by Schiffman et al. which
takes the reader through various forms of MDS (individual and individual
differences-group) using the example of analysing data on different American

See Schiffman S, Reynolds M, Young F (1981). Introduction to
Multidimensional Scaling: Theory, Methodology and Applications. Academic
Press, Orlando.:

>Dr Stephen K Tagg || Department of Marketing University Of Strathclyde
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>On Fri, 12 Sep 1997, Dr S Tagg wrote:
>> Sounds interesting, the segmentation from grids. But really needs something
>> like latent scaling to do this appropriately to the style of data. Are you
>> anything to do with the Food research lot headed by Hal (forgotten his
>> surname)? I suspect they might be helpful.
>> Dr Stephen K Tagg || Department of Marketing University Of Strathclyde
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>I'm wondering whether your "latent scaling" has anyting to do with
>the generalized procrustes analysis technique, which I intend to apply to
>make possible comparisons across individuals.. Can you give me any
>reference where I can check the "latent scaling" concept?
>Try chapter 6 in ed Bagozzi,R Advanced methods of marketing research Basil
Blackwell ISBN 1 55786 549 3
>Latent Class Multidimensional Scaling: A review of recent developments in
the Marketing and Psychometric Literature
>Wayne S DeSarbo, Ajay K Manrai & Lalita A manrai.