Returning to the list

Johnson-Cox (
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 08:02:28 -0800

My name is Kerri Johnson and I am a returning to the list after relocating
and not having internet access for the last nine months. Last time I wrote
I requested help in finding ways to present on Constructivism/Personal
Construct Theory during my Master's level oral exam. The ideas were
wonderful and I used many of them. Thanks. Since completing my internship
and graduating last Spring, I am now employed as a high school counselor in
Lennox, South Dakota. I handle the personal/social/academic counseling,
while our district career coordinator does most of the career

Like many school counselors, my time is largely spent putting out fires. I
have 550 students with a variety of troubles. Eating disorders, drug use,
and absenteeism are some of the problems that are common among adolescents
I lead groups for students struggling with divorcing parents, eating
issues, learning disabilities, relationship/boundary issues, and stress

I am the first counselor in this high school who has moved beyond
problem-solving to therapy. It is very difficult to change the mindset of
the administration, students, and staff that "slapping Band-Aids on" in one
or two 15 minute sessions does not bring about lasting change. Now that I
am feeling adjusted to my new position, and getting back on-line, I am
eager to renew my theoretical knowledge and commit myself to improved
therapeutic services.

If there are other school counselors out there, I would love to here from
you and how you use PCP in your practice.

I can be reached at or