RE: Who controls explanations of unwanted behaviors.

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I totally agree with you, and I think that opinions such as the ones you
manifest need to find a forum of expression. Recently I published a
paper on the subject of medical and psychological discourse in a
postmodern world from a constructivist point of view. The paper is in
Catalan since it was published in the Journal of my University, but I am
translating it into English so as to deliver it as a lecture at Trinity
and All Saints College in Leeds this May. Interestingly, so far it has
caused no reaction whatsoever; even if it was written to be
controversial!! Maybe the world is becoming so "medicalized" that
psychological discourse has even lost its controversial power.

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> Hi everybody
> Yesterday, Jim Mancuso wrote about the psychology/psychiatry
> bussiness. I
> agree with him. We must, as psychologists, try to create new ways to
> look at
> disengaged behavior -and to go beyond the disease narrative with its
> implications of non-accountability, biological causes which need
> chemical
> treatments, etc. We shouldn't try to negotiate or share the
> psychiatric
> point of view -there are lots of ways to understand the same things.
> I dare to say that the main reason for all of this is our own
> dislodgement
> from our hypothetical role of psychologists. Maybe we are afraid (and
> envious!) of the social power assigned to the medical profession and
> medicine as a science -a pretty neat one, also! Our psychological
> explanations sound like fantasies and daydreams, while the "lack of A
> substance" and "presence of B gene" are tangible enough to become
> unquestionable. And if he who is behaving weirdly is just sick, then
> to say
> that his behavior is a quest for good answers to wrong questions is,
> if
> anything, useless and nonsensical.
> So, if psychology is to be of any use, we have to build its place in
> society -as well as within our minds.
> Comments?
> Regards,
> Esteban