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I was wondering if you could tell me how much this book is in Canadian
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>Tom Ravenette: Selected Papers. Personal Construct Psychology and the
>Practice of an Educational psychologist

>ISBN 0-9530198-1-0
>328 pages, softback
>Publication November 1997

>The book costs =A315 (fifteen pounds sterling) reduced to =A312 (twelve po=
>sterling) for BPS DECP and EPCA members.
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> UK =A31.00 (one pound)
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> US =A34.25 (four pounds twenty-five pence)
> Australia =A34.75 (four pounds seventy-five pence)
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> Part I
>1 Overview: making a difference
> Gwyneth Daniel
>2 An advocate for personal construct psychology. Tom Ravenettes
> contribution
> Gwyneth Daniel
>3 On being a trainee educational psychologist
> Ingrid Lunt
>Part II
>Tom Ravenettes Papers
>4 Psychologists, teachers, children: how many ways to understand?
> (1972)
>5 Personal construct theory: an approach to the psychological
> investigation of children and young people (1977)
>6 The exploration of consciousness. Personal construct theory
> change (1978)
>7 To tell a story, to invent a character, to make a difference
>8 Never, never, never give advice (1980)
>9 The recycling of maladjustment (1984)
>10 Personal construct psychology and practitioners who work with
> children (1985)
>11 Open letter to Wisconsin school psychologists (1985)
>12 Open letter to the psychologists in training at Southampton
>University (1985)
>13 Personal Construct Psychology in the practice of an educational
> psychologist (1988)
>14 Personal construct psychology and the assessment of young
>people: the one-off interview (1988)
>15 Who are you? (1989)
>16 Asking questions within a personal construct framework (1992)
>17 Transcending the obvious and illuminating the ordinary (1993)
>18 A drawing and its opposite (1980)
>Part III
>Appendix: A T Ravenettes papers
> Anna Harskamp Rob van Meeuwen