Re: Monistic Perspective...

Jim Legg (
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 00:55:47 +1300

I appologze for the premature sending; - my Ctrl+Enter slipped.

> What happens when patterns start showing up in these constructs, and all
> these stories have some parts of beginnings, middles and ends that begin to
> fall into patterns. What happens when this pattern recognition also proves
> to be statistically significant along the lines of DSM? Or perhaps it
> helps to reference aspects of these patterns in terms of its language when
> communicating with colleagues? I see pattern recognition as a foundation
> of what we learn to be human.

In the spirit of good fun we could eventually claim that our
pattern-recognition software could turn us all to actively seeking bookmarks on
our Internet Personal Homepages.

Jim Legg
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