Re: Who controls explanations of unwanted behaviors.

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PCP People:

I picked up on this thread late. I was just wondering how we would
classify ego-syntonic problems as unwanted behaviors. The antisocial
personality disordered individual, for example, may not exhibit ANY
subjectively unwanted behaviors, yet his or her behaviors are probably
unwanted by most other people. By the same token, psychotic delusions are
probably not unwanted, nor is the worry associated with generalized anxiety
disorder or the mania of cyclothymia. These symptoms are nevertheless
considered abnormal if one uses maladaptivity as a criterion. Whadday'all

Chad Hagans

At 11:13 AM 2/13/98 -0500, you wrote:
> Hello to PCP Networkers: More comment:
> No, we do not need to generate a hostile climate.
> Get the movement off the ground: Get forty or fifty instructors to
>endorse - to a publisher -- a prospectus for a psychologically-oriented
>textbook on unwanted behavior.
> Speak of unwanted behaviors.
> Stop asking for grant money from agencies such as National Institutes
>for Mental Hygiene. Seek funding from other sources, refraining from using
>dianostic narrative language.
> We need to make public our efforts to desist from using diagnostic
> We need to stop attempting to justify our using of diagnostic
>narratives. {As I see it, there is NO justification for a psychologist to
>use such narratives.] Let's do it!!!
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