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christopher.mayes (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 17:01:08 +1300

Hi Brenda

You might like to have a look at Dr Valerie Stewart's Business Applications
of Repertory Grid. The first 7 chapters are available on the web at and you may download these if you wish.

Best wishes

John Mayes

From: Brenda LeFrancois <>
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Subject: ...a new member...
Date: Friday, 27 February, 1998 01:14


I'm a new member to this email group. I'm a first year PhD student in
Mental Health. I have a first degree in Psychology (from McGill U,
Canada - my home country) and an MA in Mental Health. In broad terms,
my research will involve looking at how children and adolescents
construct their experiences of mental health services.

Eventually, I would like to be in the position of using rep grids for
my research. Does anyone know of any training courses, in the use of
rep grids, offered sometime this year? I'd appreciate any info and

It's very exciting to be involved with this group. I've enjoyed
reading the threads of the past few weeks.

Brenda A LeFrançois

Tizard Centre
Beverley Farm
University of Kent at Canterbury

01227 827269