Re: Shareability of construct

Jim Legg (
Tue, 3 Mar 1998 12:03:07 +1300

TO: James Mancuso,

For William C. Calvin's book "The Cerebral Code" send the URL:

In this book, Calvin could have done a better job linking the surface
structure of consciousness to the deep neuronal plasticity of the
subconscious; - which is where PCP is most applicable, IMHO. Nonetheless, he
basically tells it like it is.

The task that falls to me, as one of Ingrid's programmers, is to first
understand these distinctions and then to live long enough to see them
cloned into a workable model. Does the phrase "this man should be shunned"
come to mind? If not, to understand the issue in terms of "my mind
uploading" individual mentality send the URL:

My question remains: "Does [Freyd's] term 'existing complements' cover all
time domain in which the development of finite differences take place?"


Jim Legg