PCP resources at univ of reading

M.L.Pope (M.L.Pope@reading.ac.uk)
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 18:30:12 +0000

unfortunately some information appearing on the pcp mailbase and also in a
recent EPCA newsletter re the PCP resouces we are establishing at Reading
is liable to be misconstrued and we hope that the following will clarify
the situation

1. Fay Fransella has NOT DONATED her collection of PCP books,published and
unpublished papers etc to the University of Reading.

What Fay has done is to offer her collection ON LOAN to the University.
The material is in the process of being built up and it has been given
the title of The Fransella PCP collection.

2 The Fransella PCP collection is a reference only collection with access
available to:

EITHER(a) staff and students of the Dept. of community
Studies,Reading . University

OR (b) those on the Register as Members or Associate members of
the . PCP Centre as part of their registration fee

note: Associate Membership of the PCP Centre is now
open . . to anyone working with or
interested in personal construct
psychology at an annual fee of #30

Consideration is currently being given to offering
members a preferential rate of #20 per year

OR (c) individual subscription for access to the Fransella
PCP . collection

Fay has asked me to point out that as much as she would like to give free
access to all,establishing a full collection and maintaining it is a
considerable cost and funds have to come from somewhere.

Fay will be keeping a register of those who have paid the access fee and
will inform us.


Fay Fransella
The Sail Loft
Mulberry Quay
. Cornwall
The Fransella PCP collection is now housed within the Research Resource
Base, Department of Community studies ,Bulmershe Court ,University of
Reading under the safe keeping of Pam Denicolo and Maureen Pope.
In addition to the Fransella PCP collection Maureen and Pam and
other staff and students of the dept of Community studies will be
depositing research materials (some of which will be PCP related) in the
departmental Research Resource Base.

We want to thank Fay for her generous gesture and apologise for any
misunderstanding that may have occured. The Fay Fransella PCP Collection
will be an important and growing resource and we look forward to meeting
those of you who wish to take advantage of this facility.

Regards to all our friends and colleagues on thr mailbase!

maureen and Pam