Re: origins of "x self" construals

Jim Legg (
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 14:16:23 +1200

Devi Jankowicz wrote:

> >> a self
> >>cannot model a self (it will run up against undecidable, i.e. logically
> >>contradictory assertions, Godel etc.); but provided we allow a notion of
> >>a metalanguage, a self can certainly model a "self" which, perhaps, your
> >>analysis doesn't allow for?

On the Internet TCP/IP overcomes this problem by providing a common gate
through which self references are passed. Most designers choose an IP number
which is exactly half way through the scale of numbers. The number
and its close cousins are signals to the trolls in the local computer that
it's their turn to do something.I think Godel was wimpesh in not wanting to
offend his aristolian friends and did his work on contradictions before he
knew too much about the non-linear self-referential equations that are the
basis fractals and some say consciousness.