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3 Apr 1998 09:20:24 +1000

Call for Symposia, Papers, Roundtables, and
Multimedia Presentations


Deadline for proposals: November 1, 1998
Notification of acceptance by December 1, 1998
Deadline for early registration: February 1, 1999

ABOUT THE CONFERENCE: Psychological theorizing is
incredibly diverse and is performed by many who work in
disciplines other than psychology. The Sydney ISTP
Conference will definitely exemplify this diversity. We
invite proposals representing these and other approaches:
feminist, poststructuralist, critical theory, artificial
intelligence, organization studies, cognitive science,
psychoanalysis, organization theory, aesthetics, cultural
studies, technology and subjectivity, ideology critique,
historical studies, political psychology, multiculturalism,
ethics and policy studies, evolutionary psychology, social
constructionism, etc. The conference is not a forum for the
presentation of empirical research findings or practical
applications but we do invite submissions that examine
general theoretical and metatheoretical issues that arise
in conjunction with various methods or practices,
including, for example, experimentation, qualitative
research, action research, discourse analysis,
ethnomethodology, phenomenology, psychotherapy,
organizational consultation, etc.

The Program Committee is especially interested in
considering proposals related to the following special

The Relation of Practice to Theory: Theory tends to inform
practice quite extensively, but one hears less about how
practice, in turn, shapes theory. How has this occurred
historically and how might we reconceptualize the practice-
theory relationship? How might such considerations affect
teaching and training in psychology? We are happy to
receive proposals which relate to all forms of practice, be
they clinical, psychoanalytic, organizational, educational

Feminist Theory meets Psychological Theory: How might we
specify this relationship? In what ways can it be
productively developed?

Globalization and Postcolonialism: How do the macrosocial
processes of our times impinge upon psychological
theorizing, upon our views of human subjectivity and

Interdisciplinarity: The use of psychological theory in
numerous other disciplines raises many questions about
interdisciplinarity. What have we learned from the
experience of interdisciplinarity? What are its
possibilities, its pitfalls? How has psychology been
appropriated and/or excluded by or from other fields and
disciplines, e.g., sociology, evolutionary biology,
neuroscience, organizational and cultural studies?

Last Lectures of the 20th Century (or the First of the
21st): A chance to discuss the big picture in theoretical
psychology, to look back and look forward, chart projects,
motivate a new generation to work in theoretical

ABOUT THE ISTP: International Society for Theoretical
Psychology is composed of members from around the world who
meet every other year to share ideas and discuss ways to
enhance theorizing in psychology. The ISTP publishes
Theory and Psychology, one of the few journals in the world
that is dedicated solely to articles dealing specifically
with issues in psychological theory. Selected proceedings
>from ISTP conferences are routinely published in book form.
Check out the ISTP Webpage at

The conference is to be held at a most unique and
beautiful venue--the Quarantine Station at North Head,
Manly, Australia. Only a half-hour ferry ride and a
five-minute taxi ride from downtown Sydney,
the Quarantine Station sits in a national park
boasting two private beaches and spectacular views of
Sydney Harbour, as well as nature trails and landing stage
for fishing or boating. A group of rustic buildings,
which formerly served as a quarantine
area for new immigrants, has been stocked with all the
necessary conference equipment. Conference catering is
reported to be excellent. There will be a social program,
including swimming, surfing lessons, yoga and tai chi on
the beach, volleyball and a talent show/karaoke! Full room
and board on site is expected to run between US$70 and $90
per day. There are also options for lodging in the nearby
town of Manly, ranging from backpacker hostels to luxury
hotels. The registration fee for the four day conference
will be approximately US$140, hopefully less. Airfares to
Australia in late April 1999 will be at low-season rates.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Questions about program content,
proposals, etc., should be addressed to Tod Sloan at tod- Questions about logistics of conference
attendance (travel, lodging, meals, etc.) should be
addressed to Valerie Walkerdine at The Program Committee will
do all it can to help students and the unemployed make
affordable alternative arrangements (backpacking, low-cost
accommodations nearby, etc.) and to accommodate persons
with special needs.

The Program Co-Chairs for the ISTP Sydney 1999 Conference
are Tod Sloan, University of Tulsa, and Valerie Walkerdine,
University of Western Sydney.


Symposia are allotted 110 minutes, allowing time for
multiple presentations around a theme. Symposium panels
must reflect diversity of, for example, disciplines,
nationalities, paradigms, etc. Symposium organizers might
consider having participants respond to a common text,
transcript, video, etc., in order to exemplify implications
of different approaches. They may also choose to have a
designated discussant, but they should also leave ample
time for discussion by attendees.

Papers of 20-25 minutes are invited (followed by 5-10
minutes of discussion). Presented should consider
summarizing their basic argument during their presentation
and offering a longer written version to interested

A 90-minute session for open discussion, debate,
networking, etc. around themes or issues raised by the
organizer/chair of the roundtable (examples: theoretical
issues in qualitative research, William James, critical
psychoanalysis, developments in artificial intelligence,
cyborgs, emotion theory, Foucault). Roundtables are held
in small rooms holding up to 10 people. Feel free to
submit a roundtable proposal as well as a symposium or
paper proposal.

Submit details to program chair for consideration.

To submit your proposal(s), please fill out the form below,
attach additional sheets as necessary, and send by email,
file attachment (MS Word), fax, or regular mail to:
Tod Sloan, Department of Psychology, University of Tulsa,
Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74104 USA.
Fax 918-631-2833. Email:



Mailing Address

Phone number

Which presentation format would you prefer? Check all that

___ SYMPOSIUM (on separate page, provide title and 100-200
word overview plus title and 100-200 word summary for each
participant's presentation; also include names,
institutional affiliations, and email, fax, and addresses of all

___ PAPER (on separate page, provide title and 100-200 word

___ ROUNDTABLE (on separate page, provide title and 100
words describing general issues to be raised for

(Attach description)

If you would also be willing to meet with students for an
informal discussion of your work, please check here:______
What general topics would you discuss?

In order to schedule meeting rooms according to levels of
interest in particular topics, what sorts of sessions are
you most interested in attending?

Is there a particular person whose work in theoretical
psychology you would particularly like to learn more about
if s/he were able to attend?