anyone going to EPCA conference and seeing Richard Bell!

Chris Evans (
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 15:07:12 +0100

Sorry to abuse the list to this end but even list administrators
mess up sometimes!

Richard Bell and I had a tentative agreement to meet up while he's
in this country for the EPCA conference but I've messed up and not
responded to him before _I_ went away. Now I'm back and he's
somewhere over here and probably assuming I didn't want to meet
which is quite the reverse of the case. If anyone sees Richard at
the EPCA conference and can pass on a message -- tell him I'm still
hoping we can meet tomorrow night! He can get me on 0181-725 5543.


Chris Evans, Senior Lecturer in Psychotherapy,
Locum Consultant to the
Prudence Skynner Family Therapy Clinic,
St. George's Hospital Medical School, London University