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In a message dated 07/04/98 01:32:57 GMT, Jim Mancuso writes:

<< Should we start the discussion by talking about superordinate
constructs by
which one construes SELF.
E. G. -- "I am a political liberal." [construct =
conservative-liberal]. Thus, when I attempt to make a self
construction regarding the
relationship of
my self to government support of liberal education, to "those guys"
who spend
time talking about attitudes, I will reflect a liberal attitude. Or,
hands me an "attitude scale," I will respond to the questions in
terms of
a construction of self, locating my self on the liberal end of the
conservative-liberal construct. Thus, the scale-giver will score the
conclude that I HAVE "liberal attitudes."
Since I do not assume that I HAVE fixed constructions about
anything, I
not believe that it would be useful to talk about my [or any other
person's] attitudes.

But could I use the term 'attitude' to refer to a cluster of
constructs that I tend to employ frequently in order to orient myself
in a particular domain eg.the political'? Another term might be
'perspective' or 'approach' - a construct sub-system that I employ to
position SELF in relation to others. There is no reason to see this
'fixed' though I may see recurring patterns.

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