Seminar in Constructivism

Jonathan D. Raskin (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 12:23:06 -0400

Hello everyone.

I am preparing to teach an undergraduate senior seminar in consructivist
psychology next Spring. While the seminar is an advanced level course, it
is likely to be the first exposure to constructivism for most (if not all)
of the students.

Who out there has taught such a course, at either the undergrad or grad
level? I would really appreciate any ideas people have. I would also
appreciate it if people who have taught courses in constructivism (either
grad or undergrad level) could send me copies of their syllabi.

Any assistance is appreciated. Syllabi can be snail mailed to me at the
address below, or e-mailed to me as an attachment.

Ideas for discussion of teaching constructivism are also welcome, as I
think they might make for an interesting mailbase exchange.

Thanks in advance!


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