Re: PCP Workshop needed?

Devi Jankowicz (
Wed, 13 May 98 21:55:08 +0100

Bob Parks asks,

>My question to the group is: would it be desirable - and if so, possible -
>to have a training workshop or short course in PCP techniques, to which
>people could bring their research topics, and receive guidance in planning.
>If it were possible, the ideal for me would be to have a regional workshop
>(NY, or N.England?). I'm not sure how many people would be able to attend,
>but I know of at least a couple of others who would also be interested. And
>I suspect a reasonable limit of 15 could be assembled.

Bob: the British Psychological Society are currently organising their
list of Workshops for next year, and one of these is almost certain to be
devoted to PCP/Grid techniques.

Watch this space...

Devi Jankowicz