Re: aesthetics

Devi Jankowicz (
Sat, 16 May 98 23:33:25 +0100

Blimey! Robb's response to Malcolm Cross

> You may want to try C. Patrick Diamond (1993) in the journal
>Empirical Studies of the Arts,11, 167-175. This article features rep grid
>use for an artist construing his own work.

reminds me that I once did some grid work myself, with artists who were
"blocked" in their work; forgot to mention to to you, Malcolm, in my
earlier reply.

The reference is
Jankowicz A.D. "Construing artistic imagery: an alternative approach to
creative block" _Leonardo_ 1987, 20, 1, ? (page numbers: don't seem to
have them on this database.
Jankowicz A.D. "Construing artistic imagery: a reply to Osbourne"
Leonardo 1987, 20, 3, 297.

How come I forgot to mention this? I'll tell you how come: Newcastle went
down 2-0 to Arsenal in the FA Cup earlier this afternoon and the shock
has been immense...

Kind regards,