Re: attitudes, beliefs & constructs

Lynda J. Koenig, Ph. D. (
Mon, 18 May 1998 15:06:35 -0400

Hi, Devi,

You wrote:

)) Helen Jones calls this the
process of elucidating all these, "pyramiding", andTrevor Butt did a
useful summary of laddering up, laddering down, and pyramiding, with a
brief procedural guide, in the Newsletter of the European Personal
Construct Society a couple of years ago. When I get home from the office
tonight I'llsnail-mail you a copy.))

Thanks! I'm headed down to Los Angeles on consulting. Will return Sunday
night -- probably just in time for Monday's snail mail arrival...Looking
forward to it.

Warm regards and thanks to all of you for your responsiveness and assistance.