Re: Aesthetics, PCP and broaders issues in general.

Esteban Laso (
Mon, 18 May 1998 17:23:36 -0500


A short one, this time. Jim Mancuso wrote:

One of the underlying constraints on wider use of personal construct
psychology in efforts to interpret a broader range of issues, I believe,
stems from the reluctance of personal construct psychologists to branch
into areas other than those traditionally assigned to the roles of
applied psychologist. One of our colleagues on the net recently pointed
out, for example, that there have been very few efforts to use personal
construct psychology to discuss political issues.
In another context, someone questioned my constant use of personal
construct psychology as I discussed an issue about which we were
exchanging ideas. My response was along the line that if one could
discuss all kinds of human conduct in terms of psychoanalytic
constructions, why have we not succeeded in creating the conditions in
which the constructions of personal construct psychology are equally

I agree -as long as we avoid what psychoanalysis seems to do: talking about
everything while saying actually nothing! (Has anybody read Freud's articles
on crowd psychology?) I guess we should better define our system rather than
extend it.