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Tue, 02 Jun 1998 21:43:04 +1200


You may find `Business Applications of Repertory Grid' by Dr Valerie
Stewart helpful. The first 7 chapters which, are a tutorial on using
repertory grid, are available for downloading at

John Mayes

At 15:20 2/6/98 +1000, you wrote:
>Hullo from a new `member'. I first found pcp an interesting tool to help
>explain continuums of professional difference between teachers and
>occupational therapists, in my masters thesis. Now I am embarking on a PhD
>with a view to investigate [and hopefully improve] team effectiveness in
>health environments. I am considering a repertory grid to elicit constructs
>of team effectiveness as a starting point. I am also considering
>administering the grid to a group of health workers at a time - to reduce my
>interviewer time.
>I would appreciate any comments, pointers or suggestions. Has anyone done
>anything similar? In anticipation....
>Sharon Mickan
>Occupational Therapist
>Phd Student
>Department of Occupational Therapy
>University of Queensland
>St Lucia 4072
>Ph: 3365 3456
John Mayes