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Chris Evans (C.Evans@sghms.ac.uk)
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 09:59:30 +0100

I think Helen meant to send this to the list, not to Malcolm & I. I guess her, or
her Email system's, construing of reply addresses is seriously fragmented.


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I wonder who wrote the statement you quote? Can you think about Kelly's
fragmentation corollory which may make sense of this? "A person may
successively employ a variety of construction systems which are
inferentially incompatible with each other" . I notice you live in
Lincolnshire...would our bi monthly PCP research group interest you?
Please contact me - telephone is easiest - on 01904 438757 (or by
e.mail...but I do have occasional problems here)

Helen Jones
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Subject: Any thoughts on this
Date: 02 June 1998 09:23

Anybody got any thoughts, literature etc. on the following statement:
"...though Kelly maintains that constructs are bipolar...this probably
cannot always be true." I'm away from my PCP filing cabinet right now but
find myself in a debate!


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