Re: Social Constructionism

Malcolm C. Cross (
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 14:48:32 +0000

Hello All,

Charles Smith, in a recent posting hinted at the value of each school
of thought for the other (PCP and Social Constructionism). For me
this is the reason why an unashamed 'Kellian Essentialist' has so
many discursive and social constructionist texts on his book shelf.

It is in exploring the tensions between these two positions that I
believe that my understanding of their potential contribution to my
(psychotherapeutic, research, educational) practice becomes clearer.

Points of union - such as the acknowledgment of the constructed
meanings rather than absolute and discovered modernist kind - and
points of contrast - the site of production (within in and often
in relation in PCP and between in Social Constructionism) - provide
important perspectives in understanding and negotiating my
interpretations with others.

Just some hurried thoughts that perhaps have already been expressed
more eloquently.


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