Re: Social Constructionism

Erv Kehler (
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 18:25:39 -0700

Please unsubscribe Derrick Klaassen wrote:

> Malcom Cross, in a response to another individual, mentioned the concept of
> "constructed meaning". I am a new list subscriber and know close to nothing
> about either PCP or Social constructivism, but have found myself intrigued.
> Could some one tell me from which camp "constructed meaning" (PCP or SC)
> derives; books or articles for the beginner might be useful.
> I have been doing research on female therapists who have sexually violated
> boundaries with clients. In particular, I am interested in the bonds that
> have been formed between the therapist and the client. Private, interpersonal
> and intrapersonal meanings are created between the therapist and client. Some
> clients have perspectives, and create meanings, almost exclusively brought
> about between the therapist and themselves. These beliefs/meanings appear to
> be constructed within the psychic-sanctum and are close to impossible to be
> dismantled.
> I'm rambling, but does anyone have any thoughts?
> M.McClure