A stats question

DAVE BUCK (DBUCK1@compuserve.com)
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 06:31:27 -0400

Hello Sharon

Sounds as tho' SOCIOGRID would be of great value to my research - please
let me know if you find it!
In the meantime the only prog I've found [which I can afford! ] which wil=
average rep grids of the same structure is GAB [Bannister and Higginbotha=
and has recent;ly been converted to PC format. It can be obtained from D=
Sherin Jackson at Highdale Cottage, 217 Barnsley Road, Denby Dale,
Huddersfield, HD8 8TS; telephone 01484 8864 824. UK for 15 UK pounds.

Hope that helps.