Re: Psychology of Personal Constructs

Jonathan D. Raskin (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 15:27:27 -0400

I ordered my copies directly from Routledge. I believe it cost $125 for
BOTH volumes. Sometimes you can also encourage your university library to
buy a set.


At 12:19 PM 7/27/98 -0600, you wrote:
> ...yet another take on the situation
> I finally threw up my hands and gave up trying to get an old copy
>and decided to get a new one just a couple of weeks ago. Sites like
> and will sell you the volumes seperately for
>about $125 a piece, which is awfully steep. However, it had gotten to the
>point where I felt I could not wait any longer to have my own copy on
>hand. To make things a little more convenient for me, I decided not to
>order over the internet, and instead ordered through a nearby "Chapters"
>bookstore that I visit often. The clerk at Chapters took my order, but
>no sooner had I hung up the phone when she called right back.
>Apparently, under the listings of the separate volumes (each at about
>$125) there was a listing for the "two volume set" (974pp) at the
>mysterious price of $103 CDN. "Would you rather have that one?" asked the
> As Tim suggested a few months ago, there ARE copies out there. If
>you keep digging, you can probably find the price you want.
>-- Robb
>> > A friend of mine whom collects and sells books has gotten a hold of
the 1955 2
>> > volume set of The Psychology of Personal Constructs by Kelly. He would
>> > $60 for the set. Someone can negotiate with him if they like.
>> I found my copy at a used bookstore two years ago for $22. I think $60 is
>> a bit steep, unless it's in absolutely impeccable condition.
>> Tim
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