Re: methods other than rep grids?

Robin Hill (bsrah@TWP.AC.NZ)
Mon, 3 Aug 1998 09:48:51 +1200


Although it is not a book about business applications of PCP
techniques, one of the best books I have seen which covers a variety
of techniques is

Landfield, A.W.& Epting, F.R. (1987) Personal Construct Psychology:
Clinical and Personality Assessment. New York: Human Sciences Press.

>From memory (I haven't seen a copy of this book for a number of
years) it covers Rep. Test, Pyramid technique, FVB Analysis, Social
Decision Technology. Again, only from memory, I am fairly sure it
also covers Implications Grid, Resistance to Change Grid and
Laddering Technique.

If you search the literature, you will find that these techniques
have been used by a number of people in business contexts. You might
want to do a literature search for the work of Colin Eden and his
associates, D. Sims (who has in the past contributed to this mail
list) S. Jones. Devi Jancowitz, who will probably respond to your
request, is another name to search.

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