Beverly Walker (Beverly_Walker@uow.edu.au)
20 Aug 1998 09:03:53 +1000

Dear all,
thanks to those people who have rung or emailed to see how we are.
We had 4.6 metres of rain in one day, on sodden ground, with the result that
flash flooding occurred all over the place. 50 houses were totally destroyed
and hundreds others damaged. The staff were all okay, though at least one of
our students, Lis, who was at the brisbane conference, has been flooded out.
the university has cancelled classes for the week because of the damage to areas
like the library, union, access roads, computers. Wollongong was totally cut
off, though it is now possible to get to sydney by road at least. the problem
looming now is landslip and 120 people were evacuated last night at Mt Kembla
because of substantial movement on the escarpment directly behind them.
best wishes,