Re: Taoism and PCP

Robert Feldhaus (
Thu, 10 Sep 1998 08:31:22 -0700

At 12:21 AM 9/9/98 -0500, Esteban wrote:

>paralellisms can be traced between taoist's texts and kelly's works; the one
>I wish to underscore is that both of them are aware of the samsara, the
>illusion of "what is out there", and therefore both try to explore the
>language as a tool for creating realities.

So the map is a little more independent of the territory than an
"objectivist" would allow; and there are always alternative ways to
construe any situation; and our experience of any situation has a lot to do
with our own inner processes (esp. expectations based on the past) as well
as with what is "actually out there" (which may even be unknowable in the
strict sense). In this case, we have a lot more creative control over our
experience, and can use language and the construal process to "slice the
pie" of our experience in ways which are satisfying to us.

Bob Feldhaus