Re: Taoism and PCP

David M. Mills (
Sun, 13 Sep 1998 17:48:00 -0700 (PDT)

Hello all,
What a fascinating nest of questions! I just have a few
responses to some of them.
Perhaps a more constructivist way of asking about being in a
"non-construing state" would be "How would I construe my experience of
being in a non-construing state?" Isn't construing vs. non-construing a
nicely paradoxical construct?
There was an exhibit on Tibetan Buddhism in London a few years ago
at which I saw two large statues of the Buddha of Compassion and the
Buddha of Wisdom. The Buddha of Wisdom held a lotus entwined with a book
of scripture in his left hand. In his raised right hand he held the
"sword of discrimination." Was this then also the Construing Buddha?

Being married to a linguist, I have had the conversation about
languages that lack the verb "to be" before. Her take on it was that
the lack is purely lexical. Just because these languages say it with a
different set of words doesn't mean that they are not expressing the same
basic idea. Ever notice how American English and English English uses
different prepositions to say the same thing?

I guess the summer break is over,