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Chris Evans (C.Evans@sghms.ac.uk)
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 20:13:13 +0100

Whoops! Sorry Robin and the list. This looked like a reasonable
request and I meant to forward it to the list earlier but I forgot or
overlooked it as far as I can see. I plead that I've been changing
jobs and things are a bit too hectic for comfort. Best wishes all!


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Subject: counselling psychology

I would appreciate it if you would publicise the information below to
members of your list so I can develop the contacts, as mentioned. Thanks
in anticipation for any help you can offer.

Robin Trewartha

I feel confident that readers will accept this cross-posting. I want to
use all the resources available so I can to make contact with people who
are specifically interested in counselling psychology. Below is an
account of a new initiative supported by the British Psychological
and the newness of it all encourages me to spread the net wide! My
apologies to anyone who has strong views on cross-posting and to
colleagues who waded through my first mailing!


I am continuing to make efforts to contact couselling psychology
trainees. I am based in the UK working towards accreditation by the
British Psychological Society (BPS), but my colleagues and I are
interested in making contacts outside the UK.

It is already clear that the approaches to accreditation are very
different throughout the world, as one might expect. FOr instance, I have
had questions about 'Chartering' (the UK label for Accreditation of a
psychologist) from overseas colleagues. Chartering is a uniquely British
label as far as I can make out. As in the UK, Clinical Psychology seems
strongly established world-wide, but it would appear that counselling
psychology has yet to emerge.

The main reason for seeking these contacts is that the BPS Division of
Counselling Psychology has provided funds for trainees to meet and
together. There was a first meeting at Roehampton Institute last July and
a next meeting at City University, London, is planned for Wednesday,

I am circulating this e-mail to gain some measure of support for this
initiative here in the UK and to report back on ways in which trainees are
organised in other parts of the world. I appreciate the responses I have
received from a range of sources to date but would appreciate more. In a
recent mailing, I summarised the questions raised by the first meeting of
the trainees. If you want the full report, please let me know. I would
welcome your views but the questions below assume that you are familiar
with the British Psychological Society. It might help to ask the important
preliminary question:'do you know the criteria for eligibility for
membership of the British Psychological Society and have you ever
considered joining BPS.'

A supplementary for the international audience is: 'what are the
criteria for eligibility for entry into training as a counselling
psychologist in your own country'?

Thereafter, UK respondents might want to comment on three other

1. Do you belong to the Division of Counselling Psychology.

2. If you do not belong to the Division at present, what stops you
doing so?

3. What would you like to gain from involvement in a
psychology trainee's group?

4. Can you offer a suitable venue for a future meeting of the
counselling psychology trainee's group?

I would welcome your views and, in particular, any advice and
information on the international dimension to training in counselling

Robin Trewartha
Roehampton Institute, UK

Chris Evans, R&D Consultant,
Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust