Re: PCP application to transcultural mental health training

John M Fisher (
Sat, 10 Apr 1999 15:51:34 -0400


I'm sending this to the hole group, however we can go off line if you want
more info and everyone else doesn't.

I am part of a team involved in change management, we are trying to instill
a customer focus within our organisation - a large manufacturing company.
We have two main tools, a Self Assessment Tool based on measuring the
practices and procedures we have in place - including Cultural awareness,
and a Team Board used to measure performance from the customer's
perspective (we are not differentiating between internal and external

The underpinning philosphy is about "Knowing" the customer (contact
mapping), "Understaning" them (both their needs and their culture) and
exceeding their expectations. The joy for me is that a lot of our focus is
on understanding the customer's own viewpoint and how they operate in order
to meet their needs. We are using some of the work by Hofstede as our

We have developed cultural awareness courses for some of our overseas
customers/partners and I am just about to devise a US/UK day event to help
one team and their US customer understand each other better. My own
training events emphasis PCP without being overly psychological - to
touchy/feely for engineers -) and get them thinking about things from the
customers perspective.

I hope that this helps, if you want more information about the content and
structure of our tools let me know.