methods for examining 'resistance' to change

Bob Green (
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 20:34:09 +1000

I am seeking information on methods to examine continuing use of
alcohol/drugs in the face of a series of adverse consequences. My primary
interest is with people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and
who have been found acquitted of offences on the grounds of mental illness,
though suspect I will need some comparison groups.

Much literature describes such construing and offending as well, in terms of
cognitive deficits and distortions. My interest is to appreciate use and
construing in the face of significant personal adverse consequences (loss of
liberty, health etc).

Approaches I am considering include:

resistance to change grids
Tschudi's ABC technique
self characterisation at different points in time
situation to response grid (responses to various situations are rated in
terms of likelihood/applicability)
interview based on experience cycle
judment tasks/decision making approaches

I would welcome suggestions or comments,


Bob Green