Re: Short introduction to myself

John Mayes (
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 09:20:53 +1200

Dear Ansgar,

You will find a great deal of information about Repertory Grid at my web
site <>. You will find there, available for
downloading free, the text of the first six chapters of Dr Valerie Stewarts
classic `Business Applications of Repertory Grid'. I hope that you find
this of interest.

There are also links to other sites on the subject.

I hope that this helps

John Mayes

At 13:54 27/4/99 +0200, you wrote:
>due I'm new to this list, I'll introduce myself a little bit.
>My Name is Ansgar Scherp and I'm a student of computer science
>in Oldenburg (nothern germany).
>I have to prepare a lecture about the "Personal Construct Theory"
>(PCT) by George Kelly for the knowledge akquisition seminary.
>It would be really great if anybody could me tell some good
>resources for PCT on the internet. I'm mainly interested in the
>PCT itself and tools who are based and implemented on it.
>Ansgar Scherp
> KYUSS! Welcome to sky valley...
John Mayes