for anyone overlapping with the Universities in Britain

Chris Evans (
Wed, 12 May 1999 17:11:36 +0100

If you're not involved with higher education in Britain I doubt if you
need to read on. However, I do think do a good job in
an area that is pertinent to a minority of the people on all of the
AFT, ATC, sign-speak and PCP lists so I am going along with their
request that I broadcast their advert. Apologies to those for whom
this is irrelevent.

Chris (list admin.)

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Dear Owner/Moderator

>From UAG (Universities Advertising Group) and the University of

You may remember that a year ago, I wrote and asked you to post
a message to your list members about The
majority of list owners and moderators responded positively to my
request and did indeed post news of the service. Starved of press
coverage as we were then, you will realise how instrumental this
was in 'getting off the ground'.

A year on, the situation has developed and once again I am asking
for your help. If you feel it appropriate, would you please post the
following message to the list(s) that you maintain:

>From the UAG (Universities Advertising Group) and the University
of Warwick

Jobs for the Academic Community is a an recruitment website owned and created by the
academic community. The service advertises job vacancies for
academic institutions around the world. It is an example of the
community working together to create something of value and is a
venture that we should be justly proud of.

In the 15 months since launch, has gone from strength
to strength. The website receives more than 12 000 visitors a day
and provides a free jobs-by-email alert service for thousands of
people around the world. Over 260 academic insitutions now
regularly advertise their vacancies on the site.

At just 40 pounds per advert, the website provides the academic
community with a cost-effective alternative to expensive methods of
recruitment advertising. Indeed, one institution has reported to us
that by using they have already saved 250 0000 pounds.
This is money we hope will be ploughed back into research and

As you can imagine, the majority of the traditional media are still
hostile to us. We have, however, had some success in persuading
elements of the press to be more co-operative. This is partly
because they are aware of the huge support that has
within the academic world and that the service is not just going to
'go away'.

Despite the success of to date there is still much to be
done. The more people academia know about, the more
effective it will become and the more money academic institutions
will be able to save. Therefore, if you have not already done so, I
would ask you to do any or all of the following:

- please visit and perhaps register with our jobs-by-
email facility

- contact us at and we will provide you with
promotional material for your department or institution

- inform friends and colleagues about the service (whether they are
in the UK or overseas)

- create a link to from any webpages you are
involved with

We also value your opinions, so if have any comments or
suggestions you would like to make about our service, please do
not hesitate to contact me directly.

Thank you.

Alex Sproat
Jobs for the Academic Community

ps I am sorry if you receive this message more than once.

The posting of this message is all I ask of you. Please edit or
amend it as you wish. I would expect no other commitment or
obligation on your part whatsoever.

If you require any further clarification please do not hesitate to
contact me.

Alex Sproat Director  Jobs in the Academic Community

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