How to UNSUBSCRIBE (and admin.)

Chris Evans (
Mon, 24 May 1999 13:23:17 +0100

We have had a rash of people sending unsubscribe messages to
the list. PLEASE send them to the software that runs the list at:

The correct instruction to send there is:

unsubscribe pcp

(otherwise the software doesn't know which of its thousands of lists
you want to leave).

If that doesn't work come to Malcolm and I at;

rather than to the list.

James Legg thinks there's a conspiracy against him: not by us.
Email is fallible. If you're sure something hasn't gone through,
please try it again, if it definitely doesn't go through again, come to
us and we'll see if there's anything we can do. We do _NOT_
censor the list though there's no doubt we or the mailbase team
would be criminally irresponsible not to ban someone if they were
using the list to break the law. ... please don't try that at home just
to test us!

Now here's a core list administrator's construct: everytime I put a
message like this on a list I administer, someone does
_EXACTLY_ what I just asked them not to do ... makes you believe
in the unconscious sometimes !!

Best wishes all,


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