Help re Rep Grids and Ethical Committees

Tony Downing (
Thu, 27 May 1999 18:00:44 +0100

This is a question to people in Britain who have used rep. grids in
research that has had to be cleared by local health service ethical

We are about to submit such an application. The guidelines say that it
should be accompanied by a full research protocol. I am uncertain of how
much detail they want us to give. I'm inclined not to give more than will
get it through, because I'd like more time to do pilot work while the
application proceeds
- but time is pressing now for getting the application in. Does anyone
know if there is a general answer to the question of how much detail a
local ethical committee is likely to want? Will it be full details of the
design of the grid, including the specification of the elements and any
supplied constructs, or much less? Or is it anyone's guess?

Any answers very gratefully received - especially if they are quick!

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