Re:measuring distances in grid space

John Mayes (
Sun, 30 May 1999 09:11:04 +1200

What a breath of fresh air to see Devi and Tony discussing the grid
interview as it applies to real people in the real world.

Tony and Devi makes the point about seeking interactive feedback from the
client which Valerie Stewart and I see as crucial. If it doesn't seem right
to the client, it is very unlikely to be right.

This is why we designed Enquire Within as an interactive process providing
feedback as the grid develops so that a user or client can be challenged
along the way, using a variety of processes, to refine knowledge and
insights. It is very much about grid being a journey rather than having a
conclusion. It will indicate any inconsistencies, stereotypes, or
prejudices and will challenge the user to examine any gaps, and identify
areas where the user might choose to refine or modify perceptions.

With regard to software useful for field work, the licence for Enquire
Within allows for one copy to be put on a portable computer for field work
and another on a desk computer for further analysis if required.
John Mayes