Enquire Within Hints

John Mayes (christopher.mayes@actrix.gen.nz)
Sat, 05 Jun 1999 12:09:06 +1200

Here is an up to date list of Repertory Grid Interview hints, written by Dr
Valerie Stewart, to be found at <http://www.EnquireWithin.co.nz/hintsfor.htm>

1. Hints in Choosing Elements
2. Repertory Grid is a Conversation
3. More on Selecting Elements
4. Grid Gives You Lots of Bites at the Cherry
5. Alternative Strategies for Construct Elicitation
6. Range of Convenience of Constructs
7. On the Importance of the Contrast Pole
8. On Using ‘Ideal’ Elements
9. On Research Design, Purpose, and Analysis
10. Back to a Few Basics
11. On Propositional Constructs
12. Repertory Grid in Recruitment and Selection Interviewing
13. A Brief Illustration of the Importance of Laddering

We hope that you find them useful

John Mayes