PhD crisis

Helen Dayus (
Wed, 9 Jun 1999 15:31:30 +0100

Dear All,
As a newcomer to the PCP list and to Rep Grids, I am some what daunted by
some of the discussions held via e mail, however I am learning a great deal
from reading other peoples comments.
As a newcomer it is very reassuring to know that there is support out there
from many experienced PCPers.
At the moment I am having major doubts about my PhD methodology and would
be very grateful for any comments. I am aiming to look at the construing of
'self' in adolescents that are life-limited, that is, not expected to live
past the age of 18. As well as looking at the life-limited adolescents I
have recruited some healthy adolescents and insulin dependant diabetics.
This will then enable me to look at the differences in construing of self
between life limited, chronically ill(but not life limited) and healthy
adolescents. I am keen to see if/what changes in construing of self occur
over time - particular important in the life limiting group as their
condition deteriorates.
My major concerns are analysis, I shall be aiming to conduct grids at three
time points over 1 year. I am interested in the change in constructs that
the adolescents may use so I do not want to simply elicit constructs at the
first time point and ask them to rate the constructs at times 2 and 3. I
don't understand how I can analyse the grids if I elicit new constructs at
each time point? - I think the answer is I can't?
Hope someone can shed some light , my PhD supervisor whilst very supportive
does not have any experience of Rep Grids and I am finding my PhD a lonely
and frustrating experience at the moment - not to say my enthusiasm has
taken a knock.

Sorry it is a long one.