Jack Adams-Webber (
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 11:41:46 -0400 (EDT)

Following is information from a Globe and Mail (Toronto) article about a new
computer virus:
>Companies across Canada are scrambling to fight off the latest,
>nastiest E-mail virus, a contagion called Worm.Explore Zip that
>wipes out the most common kinds of computer files.
>At least four large Canadian companies fell victim to the virus
>yesterday, said Network Associates Canada Inc., which gave the
>virus its highest risk assessment.
>Worm.Explore Zip is one of the most destructive computer viruses
>to date. First detected on Sunday, the virus is known to affect
>machines using the Microsoft Outlook E-mail program and the
>Windows operating system, although other E-mail programs may
>also be vulnerable. The virus can wipe out many of your computer's
>files while E-mailing itself en masse to other victims. Here's how
>the worm turns:
>A message arrives in your E-mail box, with the following text: "Hi
>[with the recipient's name]! I received your email and I shall send
>you a reply ASAP/ Till then, take a look at the attached zipped
>docs. bye"
>Once the user clicks on the attachment, called zipped--files.exe,
>Worm.Explore Zip installs itself into the operating system.
>Each time the user's computer is started, the virus sends out
>copies of itself to the authors of all the E-mails in a user's in-box.
>Even worse, Worm.Explore Zip searches all of the computer's
>storage areas, except for disk drives, and corrupts certain types of
>files, including those created in Microsoft Word, Excel and

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