explore zip worm/virus

Chris Evans (chris@psyctc.org)
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 16:11:38 +0100

John Mayes has very helpfully alerted us all to a virus/worm that
was sent out from Linda Kemp's machine and Linda has equally
wonderfully confirmed the problem: MANY, MANY thanks to both
and to those who put references to some of the various excellent
anti-virus/anti-hoax sites on the WWW (please never forward an
alert about a virus without checking at some of these: hoaxes
deplete almost as many resources as virii).

Now some confusion: I didn't get an infected message and I did get
a message from the mailbase software saying it noticed a large
executable attached to a message sent by Linda's machine and
blocked it and alerting Malcolm and I that it had done that. Hooray
for mailbase if this is correct but I need to find out if it is correct.

This squares with a message header that John Mayes has sent me
which shows that the infected message he was sent came direct
from Linda's machine _NOT_ via the PCP list. If anyone has
headers saying to the contrary, i.e. saying clearly that the infected
message they received _DID_ come via mailbase please send it to
me here at:


So I can really check this out, please will anyone who has received
the virus from kemp@software.org let me know. To help me track
this, please would you send to:


Thanks everyone!


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