Latest WinGrid Download File

j.Maxwell Legg (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 13:21:04 +1200

Latest WinGrid Download File

The latest version number is WinGrid 0.7.6 and since the advent of the
likes of I-Worm.ExploreZip you can only download WinGrid in a single zip
which contains only one executable file; - the standard Microsoft Setup
program of 88 KB dated 1/16/97 12:00 AM


to Download the single Full Install into a folder something like

c:\My Download Files.

Then unzip this 6,393KB file (6546032 bytes) into a
temporary folder and run Setup.exe run from the Disk1 folder. You can
make copies of these five folders onto 1.44Mb diskettes.

Make sure that any existing versions of WinGrid are removed before
installing this version. You can also run the source code from your VB5+
interpreter and/or compile your own executable.

WinGrid 0.7.6 now supports three types of multi-grid solutions.