Factor Analysis Question

Jonathan Lee (jmlee@chat.carleton.ca)
Fri, 18 Jun 99 18:10:16 EDT

Hello everyone. I am using the paper and pencil rep grid to get a better
understanding of how high medium and low procrastinators describe their
academic tasks. In order to run a factor analysis, I am getting
participants to indicate with a tick, the more negative of the
constructs and then to rate how that construct applies to each academic
task. When I run the factor analysis, I (obviously)
sometimes obtain negative factor loadings. When I ask my participants to
label the grouping of constructs (i.e., to supply a label to each the
cluster of constructs), I was wondering how I should tell them to
interpret the negative factor loading. For example, one participant used
"needs to be done" and "spend money" as the pair of constructs that
emerged when we asked her how two of the three tasks were alike and one
different. She then labelled 'spend money' as being the more negative of
the two then rated that construct against all the academic tasks. In the
factor analysis, 'spend money' loaded negatively on factor one. How would I
tell her to interpret this construct? Would I tell her to think of what
the opposite of spending money is or would I just scrap the 'spending
money' construct and replace it with 'needs to be done' when showing her
the list of words that loaded on factor 1? I hope I have not confused
anyone. Thanks for you help in advance.

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