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Tue, 22 Jun 1999 07:41:52 +0100

The excellent people who run mailbase point out that the summer
holidays are coming and that these lead to people's incoming
mailboxes overflowing every year and us wasting time and causing
irritation by unsubscribing people to prevent all the traffic this
causes in _OUR_ mailboxes so Malcolm and I are passing on their
advice. The point about suspending before you use a "vacation
mailer", the Email equivalent of an answering machine is vital:
some of these programs are very badly written and they can cause
havoc. PLEASE suspend mail before using one.

Best wishes and happy holidays for anyone who's got them coming

Going on Holiday?

If you leave your work for an extended period over summer, and
receive a ot of email messages, your mailbox may fill up, and your
email could stop working.

So before you go away you may wish to temporarily SUSPEND
messages from your Mailbase lists by sending this message to

suspend mail all

On your return, you can RESUME mail by sending this message to

resume mail all

For more information, see:

Remember, you can use the web archives to catch up on any
messages you may have missed. Alternatively you can retrieve old
email archives by email.

Vacation Mailers

Some people use a 'vacation mailer' which sends out an automatic
reply to all incoming mail.

Although a correctly configured vacation mailer should never send a
message to a discussion list, nor should it send more than one
message to the same address, we have had problems in the past
where lists have been flooded by these automatic messages.

So, if you are going to use a vacation mailer, PLEASE SUSPEND
MAIL from all Mailbase lists before you go on holiday.

Leaving the list

If you want to leave this list, please send a message to:

with this text in the body of the message

leave pcp

If the commands don't work

If the SUSPEND or LEAVE command don't work, or you get an
error message, please contact the list owner by sending a
message to:

Mailbase Helpline

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