Re: Praise for RepGrid2 and a question about its cluster analysis

Tony Downing (
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 14:49:38 +0100

Dear Brian,

Again, thanks for your very helpful and prompt reply to my query about
"Edges" and "Interior". - You can see I have not yet managed to get hold of
Mildred Shaw's book "On Becoming a Personal Scientist". Anyway, all is now
clear to me about that problem. I take your point that the
>The variant
>'Interior' uses matches to all existing items in an existing cluster,
>rather than just the two outer edges. It was developed as a check on the
>stability of the FOCUS clusters and is not recommended for routine data
but yes, exactly, I thought I'd be happier interpreting the results if I
could see how stable they were, and whether choosing a different clustering
algorithm would radically change our interpretations.
I must say, I do thing Repgrid2 is very good indeed. I especially like the
way that the ratings are elicited - much better than having to rely on a
folk-psyhology interpretatino of ratings - and it does mean that at one
level of discourse at least, there is undeniable meaning to interpreting
the scores of the elements on the constructs as equal-interval scale
measurements, which justify the use of PCA.


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